West Tamar Anglicans


What else would you expect for the top of the list?
The website of the Anglican Diocese of Tamania contains a mass of helpful information about the Anglican Church in Tasmania as well as the discussion of topical issues.Click here!
The Tasmanian Anglican Cursillo movement is a servant of the Diocese which holds training days and weekends aimed at strengthening people in their personal and church life. Click here!
Anglicare is the welfare arm of the Anglican Church in Tasmania. It helps a great many people who have desperate needs of many kinds. Click here!
The West Tamar Council services the needs of West Tamar residents from Riverside through to Green's Beach. It is a superlative council, providing essential services and much more. Click here!
Tresca Community Centre is a community based organisation in Exeter which provides a range of helpful services and activities. There is an op-shop, online centre and a range of interesting courses are hosted. Click here!