Anglicans trace their church back to the days of Jesus Christ. The Christian gospel came to Britain during the time of the Roman occupation. Up till the sixteenth century the English church was under the authority of the Pope. King Henry the Eighth, not happy with the Pope, decided to make himself the head of the church in England. Not a very auspicious beginning for a church you might rightly say but fortunately the English church has also been blessed by many great and Godly leaders from its beginning.

After Henry, leaders such as Archbishop Cranmer, reshaped the theology and worship of the church. The Book of Common Prayer set out the pattern of worship and the Thirty-nine Articles established the doctrinal foundation, all confirmed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. Since those times various theological emphases such as reformed (evangelical), liberal and Anglo-Catholic have been represented within Anglicanism. For a more comprehensive outline check out the Wikipedia article Anglican history

The Anglican church has since become a world wide communion of Christians. The people of our two churches, Holy Trinity Beaconsfield, built in 1907, and All Saints Exeter, consecrated in 1927, are the local expression of this movement and have been ministering the gospel of salvation through Christ to their respective West Tamar communities for many decades. Check out the beginnings of All Saints.Click here!
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